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Skeptic Zone podcast interview features

Host of the Skeptic Zone podcast and VP of the Australian Skeptics Richard Saunders  interviewed me for last week's episode. Richard and other skeptics in Australia have been active in publicly criticising Australian pharmacies which sell ear candles alongside valid treatments, so I was very happy to talk to him about this project and some of the work I've been involved in with CFI Vancouver. Visit the episode page at for show notes and the mp3 download! on Skeptically Speaking!

I was interviewed by Desiree Schell for the latest episode of Skeptically Speaking - Canada's top skeptical radio show! I'm really happy to have had such a great opportunity to spread the word and let people know about this site.

Visit Skeptically Speaking for show notes and episode download.

Choices Markets and Candlear – My First Complaint to Health Canada

In June 2010 I submitted a complaint to Health Canada about the illegal sale of ear candles in Choices Markets, a British Columbian grocery chain, along with the details of the candle manufacturer. As of February 2011 the investigation is still underway, and the manufacturer is currently being investigated by Health Canada in Alberta. arrives!

On the 23rd of October, 2010, I gave a talk at Vancouver's fourth SkeptiCamp based on my experiences investigating the illegal sale of 'Candlear' ear candles. The talk followed my submission and follow-up of a complaint made to Health Canada about ear candles at Choices Markets in Vancouver. I was happy to find that Health Canada rightly considers ear candles a dangerous product and really does care about stopping their sale and import. For skeptics, who are so often disappointed by the lack of regulation of other pseudosciences and alt-med practices which are just as (if not more) dangerous, this is wonderful. In this case, it required so little effort to make a real difference that I want to let other skeptics across Canada know how, and this website is the result.